Chiropractic for Pregnancy in Dawsonville?

many women use chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy

The physical stress of pregnancy can lead to a great deal of discomfort. It's common for women in Dawsonville to visit a chiropractic office regularly for low back pain, as well as other related issues, such as sciatica, leg cramps and constipation. This can lead to difficulty performing daily tasks as well as difficulties in labor.

Chiropractic treatment for pregnancy can be an outstanding source of relief for back pain. Many women also comment that the birthing process was easier after having undergone chiropractic treatments. The following article takes a more in-depth look at the discomfort caused by pregnancy and explains exactly how chiropractic treatment can help.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

As both a doctor and a patient, Dr. Bruns has had the opportunity to experience pregnancy and all of the effects that it has on the body. Chiropractic before, during and after pregnancy can greatly affect the outcome for both the mother and the baby. Throughout Dr. Bruns' pregnancies, she received the best chiropractic care. That made a very positive impact on her pregnancies and the births of her three children.

Movement is so vital for daily activities, and weight gain during pregnancy can impede that. Correcting musculoskeletal complications can result in increased movement and comfort for the pregnant woman.

It is estimated that 50-75% of pregnant women experience low back pain. This is mainly due to the shift in their center of gravity due to anterior weight distribution. Weight gain of even 25-35 pounds increases stress on the sacroiliac joints. Sacroiliac joint pain and paraspinal musculature hypertonicity are also causes of discomfort in the pregnant patient. The curve of the lumbar spine (low back) is increased during the last trimester of pregnancy. This puts added stress on intervertebral discs and facet joints. Pelvic hyper mobility is also a factor for pregnant women, due to the increase in hormone levels. Progeserone, estrogen and especially relaxin can cause laxity in muscles and ligaments of the pelvis.

Chiropractic care works to correct dysfunctional spinal joints in pregnant patients, thus alleviating much of the pain and stress that is experienced. According to a report by Shaw, 75% of pregnant patients who received chiropractic care during their pregnancies stated that they experienced relief from pain. It has also been reported that women experienced 25-30% shorter labor times when they received chiropractic care throughout their pregnancies.

The Webster Technique is utilized by chiropractors to help alleviate intrauterine constraint in pregnant patients. Breech presentation is a common sequelae of intrauterine constraint. Chiropractors do not change the position of the baby, they only attempt to reduce the physical constraints. This allows the fetus to be able to be positioned in the correct presentation.

At Georgia Family Chiropractic, we provide the best chiropractic care for our pregnant and postpartum patients. Chiropractic’s benefits to health and vitality are vast. Come to the office to get started today!


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