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Chiropractor Dawsonville GA Dr. Alex Oman

Alex Oman D.C.

Dr. Oman always knew he wanted to choose a profession that involved helping people live their lives at their healthiest.

He received his chiropractic training at Life University in Marietta, GA. Since graduating in 2015, he has adjusted thousands of patients and managed difficult patient cases. 

Dr. Oman has a special interest in caring for patients who are battling substance abuse addiction. He has maintained a professional presence in drug treatment facilities throughout his career.

When Dr. Oman is not caring for patients, he is busy spending time with his wife and three young children. In his spare time, Dr. Oman enjoys hunting, boating, playing golf, soccer and hockey.

Chiropractor Dawsonville GA Dr. Havalyn Bruns

Havalyn Bruns D.C.

Chiropractic has always been an integral part of life for Dr. Bruns. Her late father was a chiropractor that operated a well-respected and successful family practice for 35 years in Wisconsin.

Dr. Bruns grew up witnessing the positive impact that chiropractic had on the health of the community. With chiropractic, it's all in the family! 

Dr. Bruns' uncle is a chiropractor and currently practices in Wisconsin, and her brother, and brother in-law are also chiropractors practicing in Minnesota and Tennessee.

After graduating from Life University in June of 2014, Dr. Bruns worked as an associate chiropractor at a high volume office in Marietta, GA. She has extensive experience in caring for patients in all stages of life. Dr. Bruns has a special interest in pregnancy and the pediatric population.

When Dr. Bruns is not seeing patients in the office, she prefers spending time with her husband and three young children. She also enjoys horseback riding, hiking, organic gardening, and playing golf.


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